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Next-generation revenue platform lets you manage social inventory & calculate what your social audience is worth to advertisers.

“With SND RevStream, we can finally set inventory and monetize our social audience.”


Social Inventory

How many social posts are you willing to sell per day? Per month? Identify and track your available social inventory with this easy-to-use tool.


Post Price Calculator

Not sure what to charge for a sponsored social post? Use this tool to figure out exactly what your Facebook post is worth to an advertiser.


Fulfillment Dashboard

View all live campaigns and keep track of what’s been fulfilled.


Sponsor Reports

Automatically generate a report showing all the posts and metrics from a single campaign. Send it straight to your advertiser.


Audience Amplification

Your audience is valuable. Let us help connect you to advertisers who are willing to pay you to post.


Category Sponsorships

Are there certain content categories you’re willing to have sponsored? We help you identify, price and fulfill long-term content category sponsorships on your social channels.

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