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Donut Underestimate This Post

We have behind the scenes joke a Social News Desk…donut posts are HOT NOW.

Only it’s not a joke. We’ve seen it more than a dozen times. Even if you’re conflicted about how it’s spelled, a doughnut/donut post is a hole in one.

Merely mention Krispy Kreme and you’ll get your share of shares. Take the Aiken Standard’s recent post. All they had to say was that a white, red, and green hut of glazed-covered goodness was coming to town…and bam, 1200 shares.

.donut 1

INSIDER wrote this simple sentence…’New York’s most delicious doughnut is at Dough.’ They sprinkled a little native video in that post – 12,000 likes, 3,000 comments, and nearly 9,000 shares.

donut 2

KAKE’s Donut (note: not to be confused with Cake Donut) post was intended to spread the sweet news of a BOGO deal on a dozen doughnuts. It delivered!

donut 3


Expect a spike if you match up athletes and donut in one post.  I mean, 32,000 shares and likes?! It’s like high calories and high salaries are the secret recipe.
donut 4

Love this one, no sugar coating.

donut 5

And now that we know that the donut addiction is very real, consider getting a sponsor on the hook! You have some real numbers to show them in regards to how donuts posts do well on social media.

donut 6

Know what that COULD mean? Free donuts delivered to the newsroom. Mhmmm, donuts.


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Elisa DeFoe

Chief Operations Officer
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