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KXAN-TV Reviews the New SND Dashboard (spoiler alert: they love it!)

Patrick mustache you a question
Patrick mustache you a question

Meet Patrick Tolbert, Digital Director at KXAN in Austin, TX, and member of our Early Adopters beta testing group. Patrick and his team have been using the brand new SND Dashboard tool for a couple weeks now.

“I’ve never quite seen people more happy to use new software,” he says, “Take for example our Lifestyle Show host, who can now use the SND 2.0 Mobile App to take photos during her show, on her phone, and schedule them to deploy later. She’s primarily a mobile user and now she has the full power of SND on her phone.”

Patrick says that just one day after using the new platform, his Lifestyle Show host exclaimed, “This is going to make my life so much easier!”

“Our broadcast EP’s LOVE the competitive tracking features.” Says Patrick, “Being able to see the top posts from any pages on Facebook is a huge deal for us. It helps identify trending topics across different audiences in our community. That’s a big win.”

KXAN Managing Editor Kevin Kline is dressed for success
KXAN Managing Editor Kevin Kline is dressed for success

Patrick tells us the digital team loves the ability to split posts to customize their copy for each platform. “We especially love the improved scheduled posts display; we’re able to work seamlessly with marketing to maximize our social audience reach without stepping on each other’s toes.”

As a newsroom manager, Patrick understands how hard it is to gather staff around one table at one time to conduct any sort of training. Time is precious and deadlines loom. So what’s so great about the new SND Dashboard is that for as feature-rich as it is, he says “We’re able to train individual users in less than a half-hour. The platform is self-explanatory and is forgiving for those who want to explore all of its many options.”

And it’s coming soon to a news org near you! Contact if you have any questions about our new features or if you’d like a walk-through!


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