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WKRC Centralizes, Strategizes and Manages Social Media in One Place Using Niche Platform

WKRC’s successful implementation of SocialNewsDesk has been key to solidifying their social media strategy and reaching nearly 200,000 Likes on Facebook. Under the direction of News Director Kirk Varner and Social Media Manager, Derek Drake – they made the decision to stand out against their competitors. With their new goals, they sought out the help of SocialNewsDesk to put all station’s social media contributors in one place. In June 2014, the newsroom and creative services posted more than 3,000 times through the platform which they use among 70 different users at the station. They are now at 199,000+ likes. In the words of Derek Drake, ‘Aside from our main brand page, the user-friendly, easy-to-use UI makes it very easy for our on-air talent to utilize and engage with our viewers like never before. While many of our talent have been in the industry for decades, their ability to pick-up and use this platform has been indicative of the product Social News Desk delivers.’

WKRC1One Team in One Place

The SocialNewsDesk platform helps the team post consistently. A quick check of their SocialNewsReport shows who the main contributors in the newsroom are in a 24 hour period. Great to see that the team is on task even when their social media director is on vacation!

WKRC2Contests & Campaigns

WKRC is experiencing success using the SocialNewsDesk contesting platform. More than 1,000 people entered their “I Spy Cincy” contest in June and the station has full access to the suite of applications offered by SocialNewsDesk for future campaign and sponsorship opportunities.

WKRC3Sum It Up

Derek Drake said it best, “I meet and talk to other Social Media and Digital Content professionals in the journalism field, and it’s something I often swoon over while sharing my experiences. The thing I always say when talking about SocialNewsDesk is this, “SND means more to me than ‘SocialNewsDesk.’ It means Streamlined News Delivery.’ This platform sells itself, and when you add the incredible service and support the SND team provides, it’s really an invaluable necessity for newsrooms if they want to really compete in the ever-evolving world of Social Media.”

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