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NTV Uganda’s recipe for Social Media Success

NTVSocial media is an important content delivery system to news organizations all around the world. The World Bank and African Development Bank reported there were 650 million mobile users in Africa in 2013. At the time, that number surpassed the number of users in the United States or Europe, and that number continues to grow. NTV Uganda realized the importance of social media in a swiftly changing technological culture and saw the need to prioritize their social strategy. Here’s how they found success with their social strategy:

Go Where the People Are

NTV Uganda is one of the best content providers in Africa with more than 20 dedicated pages for their different programming offerings and news options, reaching nearly 6 million users. By using Social News Desk, NTV Uganda has been able to fully manage their social accounts, measure the impact of their social media strategy, as well as showcase user generated content in many different programs on air.

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Centralized Account Management

With so many pages to monitor, the station management team has been able to set up users with dedicated access for their specific program-related social accounts and monitor use and analytics. The social team at NTV Uganda already had a good sense of successful content for their audiences and with Social News Desk they have been able to implement and enforce best practices across all social accounts to better engage with their audience.

Socially Engaging On-Air

The viewing audience for many of NTV Uganda’s different programs is fairly large. A large number of the audience was also engaging with them on social media, during the show(s). Based on this, they decided to start incorporating what people were saying into their programming utilizing SND On Air. They use comments on stories they’d previously posted to social media during news segments, and during the music-centered shows they utilize the on-air display tool to actively engage with their audience. Producers have individual access to curate and create playlists for their specific program.

Training and Support

Though they may be across the pond, NTV Uganda has the same access to on-demand support and training as all of Social News Desk’s clients. The availability of web-based training tools and videos has also helped the management team better equip their staff with internal training sessions.

“The support is great. Always available and responsive.”
-Emmanuel Waiswa, Webmaster/Digital Solutions

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