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Lubbock Stations Dominate Snowstorm Coverage

KAMC-TV and KLBK-TV are celebrating a huge win on social media thanks to their strategic coverage of a holiday snowstorm. The stations operate as a duopoly in the Lubbock, Texas market (DMA 144). Just a few days after Christmas, a severe snowstorm pounded the area and Facebook became a key means of keeping the community safe and informed.

KAMC/KLBK jumped into action. The station staff got straight to work posting social media updates that drove Facebook Engagement and Web Traffic through the roof. It was the first major test for the stations’ new social media strategy which relies heavily on its partner, Social News Desk for best practice recommendations and workflow solutions.

Winning With Best Practices

KAMC and KLBK used relevant weather content to their advantage and applied Social News Desk’s Best Practice recommendations while posting timely updates through the SND Dashboard tool.

KAMC Facebook Strategy 4

One of the key best practices SND encourages is to ask relevant, genuine questions. During the storm, these types of posts did extremely well for both stations. Overall, KAMC’s total Likes, Comments and Shares increased by 489% over the same period the year prior while KLBK was up 283%.

KAMC Facebook Strategy 3

Another best practice recommendation from SND was to post more native video. This post (above) received 18,000 views, 120 shares and above-average likes and comments.

KAMC Facebook Strategy 2

KLBK/KAMC also followed SND’s advice to ask viewers to send in pictures on Facebook. These types of posts (above) brought in dozens of user-generated images of the storm from parts of the community reporters could not easily access.

KAMC Facebook Strategy 1

The stations’ most successful post came in the form of comic relief (above). The short text, combined with a great image hit all the right best practices and resulted in nearly 3000 Shares.

Measuring Results and Exceeding Goals

KLBK and KAMC used the season’s first snowstorm as a way to push themselves closer to hitting the key social media goals which Social News Desk helped to establish. Among them, Increasing Facebook Clicks to their Websites and Increasing Social Audience.

KAMC experienced a significant uptick in Social Audience on its Facebook Page during the days leading up to and immediately following the snowstorm coverage thanks to its engaging content and strategic posts made via Social News Desk. This graph shows a spike which resulted in 620 New Likes on the day the storm hit and a total of more than 2000 New Likes for the Page overall.

KAMC Likes

KAMC also experienced a 244% increase in Post Reach during this typically slow, holiday news week. The net result was a 45% increase in Web Traffic from that Facebook Page alone. And KLBK’s Page Reach MORE THAN DOUBLED year over year in the same 8 day time period. And the growth in web traffic was undeniable with a 41% increase in clicks from Facebook to their website.

In major news events, communities rely on their local TV stations to help them weather the storm. And in the case of Lubbock’s KAMC and KLBK, the TV stations relied on Social News Desk to help them with the strategies and tools to get through major snowstorm coverage during a holiday week where the newsroom staff was smaller than normal, but proved to be more than ready to take on a Texas-sized storm.

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