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Local Advertiser Brings Creative Contest Idea to WDRB-TV, Both Win!

WDRB2WDRB-TV didn’t have to think too hard to conceptualize a contest because their client came to them with a big idea, a big prize, and a willingness to pay for it to run on the station’s Facebook page. The Louisville, KY station (DMA 49) liked the sponsor’s idea and leaned on SocialNewsDesk to make it happen.

Ugliest Furnace Contest

Trying to gain momentum going into winter, Elite Heating and Air knew they would have to get creative with their idea of giving away a furnace. They approached WDRB’s Digital Solutions Manager, Doug Garrett about running a Facebook contest that would allow people to submit ‘Ugly Furnace Pictures.’ The giveaway would run on WDRB’s main Facebook Fan Page which had about 70,000 Likes. The Contest Application, powered by SocialNewsDesk, would include ‘Like’ buttons for WDRB’s Fan Page and Elite Heating and Air’s Fan Page as well. Eager to build new ‘Likes,’ the sponsor and WDRB had a deal.

A Package Deal

WDRB-TV was able to give their local sponsor the green light once they did a quick contest consultation call with SocialNewsDesk. They confirmed SocialNewsDesk could facilitate the contest as the sponsor had envisioned it. It was a two part contest; first part, to promote to WDRB’s viewers and Facebook Fans to submit their ‘Ugly Furnace’ pictures for a chance to win a new $5,000 furnace. Pictures were submitted through the SocialNewsDesk contest app on WDRB-TV’s Facebook Page. Part two of the contest was to allow everyone to vote on which picture deserved the title of ‘Ugliest Furnace.’

WDRB-TV charged Elite Heating and Air $5,000 cash and required the sponsor to provide a $5000 furnace to the winner. In exchange, the sponsor received:

  • Exclusive naming rights of the Facebook Contest on WDRB’s Fan Page.
  • Prize Winner announced on Facebook and on the air.
  • 8 Daily Facebook Posts on WDRB’s Fan Page promoting the contest.
  • 40 On-Air Mentions.
  • 90,000 digital impressions promoting the contest.
  • Leads database

WDRB1Great Promotion

The WDRB-TV team put together a simple, but clever promotions campaign both on Facebook and On-Air. The sponsor also promoted the contest. More than 200 photos were submitted, hundreds more voted on the pictures and hundreds shared the contest on social media.

Winning Results

Elite Heating and Air was pleased with the contest and received hundreds of new Facebook Likes as a result and more than 200 viable leads from people who would need to replace their (ugly) furnaces at some point.

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