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KBMT’s ‘Facebook Energizer’ Package is a Big Hit with Local Advertisers


Local advertisers had often asked to get access to KBMT-TV’s Facebook Fans. But the Beaumont, TX station (DMA 141) didn’t want to let sponsors loose on its Fan Page. Instead, KBMT need a way to capitalize on advertisers’ desires for Facebook exposure without compromising the brand’s integrity. They found the perfect solution with SocialNewsDesk.

The ‘Facebook Energizer’

KBMT’s General Sales Manager, Don Davis created the ‘Facebook Energizer’ package to drive home the point that his station’s Facebook Reach is extremely valuable to Advertisers looking to expand their own Facebook Reach. Davis said it was the perfect way to sell a Facebook contest sponsorship to Philpott Motors: “In my presentation I asked how many “Likes” they had. He very proudly said two thousand and something. I let him brag a little then asked if he would like to have access to our 33,000+. He kind of sat back and said…you have 33,000? It was the perfect set up to show they have a long way to go in growing their Likes.”

A Package Deal

SocialNewsDesk provided Davis with training and materials to help him approach potential advertisers. KBMT charges $950 per 2 week run and requires the advertiser to supply a prize worth at least $200. In return, sponsors of the Facebook Energizer package receive:


  • Exclusive naming rights of the Facebook Contest on KBMT’s Fan Page.
  • 2 Facebook Posts per Day on KBMT’s Fan Page promoting the contest.
  • 100 promos across 2 weeks promoting the contest (Across KBMT, K-JAC, MYTX & MeTV).
  • Web Ads on linking to the contest.
  • Option to include a Marketing Question and build a leads database.

Getting Set Up

It took only a few minutes to launch the App to KBMT’s Fan Page. Viewers who visited the KBMT Fan Page on Facebook or mobile were required to ‘Like’ the KBMT Fan Page, enter demographic information and answer the marketing question chosen by Philpott Motors: “Do you plan to buy a car in the next 6 months?” This data was collected into a spreadsheet and turned over to Philpott Motors.


Winning Results

KBMT ran the first contest for Philpott Motors over a 2 week period and collected 2,512 total entries and 1,911 leads in the database. Philpott liked the results so much, he immediately signed up for a second 2 week contest and got another 1,644 entries and 1,260 leads in the database. In total, Philpott Motors gained 2,233 new Likes on its own Fan Page – doubling the sponsor’s Fans in just 4 weeks.

KBMT has since sold numerous ‘Facebook Energizer’ packages to local advertisers for $950 per 2 week run including Max Bowl, County Home Ranch, and numerous others. And because his newsroom uses SocialNewsDesk, there’s no incremental expense for KBMT.

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