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Fox 26 Houston Increases Fans by 25% in Just 41 Hours with SND Simple Entry Contest

KRIV Fox 26 (DMA 10) wanted to do something bold during the first week of February Sweeps leading up to the Super Bowl. They were looking for a way to harness social media to build buzz about their Fan Page and their Broadcast. Using the SocialNewsDesk Simple Entry Contest, KRIV surpassed its goals and two of its competitors in less than 2 days!


Great Ideas, Great Execution

The team at KRIV contacted SocialNewsDesk on a Tuesday afternoon. They had a big idea and a short deadline. The station had secured a 70” 3D TV to give away as a Super Bowl promotion and wanted the contest to go online Wednesday at 5pm. SND sprang into action and helped KRIV with every aspect of contest conception, creation and launch.

Smart Promotion

The KRIV team made a commitment to grow its Fanbase through contesting while also increasing engagement. SND helped KRIV put together a slick campaign to promote the contest on-air, on social media and on the web. Many of the Facebook memes created by KRIV went viral during the 41 hours the contest was online. KRIV’s Sales and Promotions departments worked together to create a winning promotion plan: “We did a blitz promotion on our Facebook page that combined a bit of sarcasm/humor. We assumed they were multitasking and watching TV while on their mobile Facebook. So we tied the two in together. We also weren’t afraid to mention that it might not be a FOX show they were watching.”

kriv-fbcontestPowerful Results

Prior to the start of the contest, KRIV was in last place in the market for number of Fans with just 48,000. After 41 Hours, the station’s Fan count increased by 25% to more than 60,000 Fans. And the momentum continued even after the contest was over as KRIV gained a total of more than 18,000 Fans in 7 days. KRIV says: “We honestly think the key to the promotion was our idea for the 41 hour timeline… which completely turns on its head what most Newsrooms/Promotions departments use.”

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