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Quickly create custom reports & deploy to your key stakeholders via email.

"We’ve experimented with other tools, but SND Reports makes so much more sense to us.”


Customize Data

Select your date range and list of properties to view so your report contains the data that matter to you.


Track Trends

Simple charts and aggregated data allow you to see your percentage change in key engagement categories from one period to the next.


View Competitors

See which media companies are on top of the social race in your market and which talent are getting the most engagement


View Key Metrics

Track total “Meaningful Social Interactions” like Facebook Comments and Shares plus Video Views and Twitter engagement in a single report.


Email Stakeholders

Create and store email lists for easy, automated distribution of each report on a schedule.


Measurement At Scale

Roll-up reports aggregate trends at scale across your entire group while also highlighting key performers and hot content. Now you can see the big picture with ease.

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