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Get going with simple revenue solutions. The right platform to create, manage, and report on all your branded content and paid acquisition campaigns.

"Great results! We increased our branded content revenue by 51% with SND Campaigns Manager"


Social Advertising

Placing ads on social platforms is confusing. We’ve streamlined it into a 3-step solution to get results and impress your clients.


Easy Fulfillment

You’ve sold the campaign and managing it is now a breeze! You’ll be able to deliver everything you promised with an efficient system that makes sense.


Internal Promotions

Use your marketing budget wisely and make every dollar count on social media. Our platform makes it easy to hit your goals.


Campaign Reports

Save hours of work with a report that boasts results, is always up-to-date and impresses your clients. It’s automatic, so no extra effort on your part.


Branded Content

You already have great content. Now, use it to your advantage to integrate the right sponsor and generate revenue.


Recurring Revenue

Successful campaigns will keep your clients coming back for more. Find what works and recreate it for maximum impact.

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