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Bug Update #FixItFriday

We’ve been hard at work here at #teamSND. Please see below for a list of recent fixes. You can report any bugs or issues you are experiencing to

Improvements: Merged all existing case-sensitive post meta tags so all are lowercase.

Improvements: Made changes to improve the experience when typing in the Post Composer.

Improvements: Added functionality for UTM tracking of link clickthrough to Messenger Experience.

Bug: Resolved an issue related to SND Autopilot sending ‘undefined’ in some post text.

Bug: Resolved a bug related to some Quick Posts including large video files failing.

Bug: Resolved an issue related to the SND Score Widget not populating all data for some newly attached Pages.

Bug: Resolved a bug related to some manually selected content not refreshing in Messenger Experience.

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Savannah Cokeroft

Head of Client Success
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