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Live Tweeting #Inauguration2017

When the 45th president of the United States of America is sworn in, millions will be witness across every medium on the planet. Arguably the PEOTUS’s favorite medium, Twitter, is definitely among them. Here’s how you can use the SND Dashboard to live tweet the day’s events effectively and efficiently. Quick Post To make sure your … Continued

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How to pick the perfect #Election hashtag

I had a client ask an interesting question today. When it comes to election day hashtags, how broad or how regionally specific should we get? Everyone is using #Election, #Election2016 and #ElectionDay. But if you use them too, are your tweets lost in the noise? On the other hand, if you use regionally specific hashtags, … Continued

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The ‘extended tweet’ train has rolled into the SND Dashboard!

This isn’t your grandpa’s Tweet. Twitter has changed the game and Social News Desk is here to help you understand – and comply with – all the new rules. Last month, Twitter began rolling out an update to Twitter native and Twitter-owned apps, changing the way characters are counted to allow for “Extended Tweets”. And while the update … Continued

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