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Don’t Gamble on Lottery Contests. Do It Right.

As the frenzy surrounding the Mega-Billion Jackpot Powerball Bonus Multiplier Money-Maker Extravaganza engulfs the nation, some news stations are tapping into the buzz and offering up “Share The Jackpot” type contests. While these contests are a great idea for quick, easy engagement and page boost, there are a few billion problems that could come along with … Continued

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Donut Underestimate This Post

We have behind the scenes joke a Social News Desk…donut posts are HOT NOW. Only it’s not a joke. We’ve seen it more than a dozen times. Even if you’re conflicted about how it’s spelled, a doughnut/donut post is a hole in one. Merely mention Krispy Kreme and you’ll get your share of shares. Take … Continued

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6 Simple Holiday Engagement Ideas

‘Tis the season for engagement, fa la la la la… You know the rest. While many people around the holiday season choose to get down on one knee and pop the question, the engagement I’m talking about is on your social content, and a lot of the time, that involves a question as well. Here … Continued

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Score with Sports Promotions & Content

Sports fans are nothing if not loyal. We always know Jill Josephson, SND’s VP of Business Development, will be burning her Tom Brady candle on game day. (Maybe next year, Jill.) But what does that mean if you’re not a sports brand? You can translate that fan loyalty into engagement with your brand! Let’s go around … Continued

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8 Things Newsroom Social Managers Can Be Thankful For

As we prepare to stuff ourselves silly with Thanksgiving dinner, we’d like to take a moment to think about a few things social media managers in newsrooms can really give thanks for. People who read the articles. Nothing warms a social media manager’s heart like commenters who have actually read the content and given a thoughtful response. … Continued

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Simple Trick to Drive Traffic to Your Site for Great Video Content

We all know that videos on Facebook perform extremely well. Over the past year the number of video views per day has skyrocketed. Facebook now reports more than 4 billion video views happen on Facebook daily. But what about the times when you have really good video and you want the traffic going to your … Continued

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5 Ways to Live Tweet Like A Pro

As my colleague Derek Drake likes to say, “News breaks on Twitter, and people talk about it on Facebook.” 2016 promises to be as busy as ever in the news business, with campaigning already in full swing for a large slate of presidential candidates. And that’s not even taking into consideration a regular day in … Continued

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Secrets and Lies: What 15 Social Media Managers (Don’t) Want You to Know – SocialNewsDesk @ #ONA15

Think you’ve got the secret to success in social? Think again. Chances are some other newsroom has been there, done that. This fast-paced session is focused on the strategies that are paying off at some of the most notable, local newsrooms in the US and beyond. Go behind the curtain to see what tricks are … Continued

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