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WIAT-TV Expands COVID-19 Coverage with SND On Air

With stay-at-home orders and social distancing measures in place, the pandemic is making it more difficult than ever for journalists to gather content in the field. Like all news orgs these days, WIAT-TV can tell you that from experience. But thanks to SND On Air, the station has been able to curate news from all … Continued

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Local newsrooms LOVE the new SND On Air

I’m obsessed with this new tool. From a former producer to another. This has been great for “Social Media Responses” and “What’s Trending.” – Carlos Hernandez, Digital Content Specialist, KPRC (Houston, TX) Our social-display tool, SND On Air has re-launched to media orgs around the world, and the reviews are in – newsrooms love it! … Continued

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Pro Tips for Using Social Media in your Newscast

Putting social media on TV isn’t just about cute pets and babies. In serious news situations, social content can be the fastest way to find – and tell – the story. But we all know getting content from a digital stream into a broadcast-ready display can be clunky. So that’s why we created SND On … Continued

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How to get your social content On Air in 3 easy steps

Curating and broadcasting social content has never been faster and easier! The new SND On Air allows you to get social content on air in THREE easy steps. I. Curate content (Playlists) Search and curate social content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, even your own website (others too!). Is the light bulb going off? … Continued

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SND On Air: Launch Checklist for Superusers

There’s a bigger, better, faster version of SND On Air coming to a screen near you. And if you’re one of the Superusers, now’s the time to pack your things and be sure you’re ready to move with us! To make it simple, here’s a pre-launch checklist: 1. Download your old backgrounds, or create new … Continued

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Reddit Now Live in Social News Desk

(Spoiler Alert: No, you can’t publish to Reddit through your SND Dashboard. That’s not a thing (for now).) Did you know you can add Reddit feeds to your SND Dashboard? This powerful integration allows you to view any Subreddit and even put content from Reddit into a display using SND On Air. Here’s how it … Continued

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It’s easy to put your Facebook poll results on air! Here’s how…

As long as your Facebook page is listed as a news page and has been whitelisted, you should have access to the news feed poll feature. The option will look something like this (last thumbnail below): To start your poll – you guessed it – click on that there thumbnail. Then just follow the on-screen … Continued

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SND new features: new analytics, video insights, link shortening, and more!

At Social News Desk, our clients guide our development roadmap; your great ideas become our great new features. It’s something we’re really proud of. And just last week, we unveiled a bunch of things we’ve been working on for you. If you missed the SND Launch Party Webinar, don’t worry…here’s a recap: SND Score Okay, this feature … Continued

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Two Simple Ways to Make Your Halloween Coverage Stand Out Today

Halloween is a social media dream come true! The costumes, the candy, the content! Creating a social segment around Halloween (or any other holiday) is super-simple with SND On Air. Want to showcase your audience’s best costumes, Halloween decorations or recipes? Find social posts in either your comments, Twitter mentions or by using a Twitter … Continued

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Generate user content for your debate coverage

The final presidential debate is coming up on October 19 at UNLV in Las Vegas. It’s the last (scheduled) major event in this political season before the election itself. How have you been covering the debates so far? What’s your plan for this final round? With Social News Desk, you can see what your audience … Continued

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