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Using the SND Leaderboard to create more social content, encourage competition

Journalists are a competitive bunch. We like to be #1, first, the best – always. So what better way to motivate a newsroom staff than with some healthy competition? Since its debut last month, the SND Leaderboard has been helping newsrooms advance the social media conversation, create more content and up their game in some … Continued

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Generate user content for your debate coverage

The final presidential debate is coming up on October 19 at UNLV in Las Vegas. It’s the last (scheduled) major event in this political season before the election itself. How have you been covering the debates so far? What’s your plan for this final round? With Social News Desk, you can see what your audience … Continued

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Send election night results faster, everywhere, with fewer people

The second presidential debate of 2016 is in the books, for better or worse. Are you keeping up with the weirdest presidential election year yet? Are you prepared for the last debate and election night? It’s time to call in your reinforcements wherever you can find them; from other departments or from your friends at … Continued

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Complete #Matthew coverage with Social News Desk

As Hurricane Matthew rolls up the Atlantic coast, your audience is looking for timely updates on the storm. Right now, hundreds of newsrooms are relying on SND Dashboard to compile all those social media sources into a single screen filled with actionable, shareable storm content. Twitter Streams There are two main hashtags circulating for this event: #HurricaneMatthew and … Continued

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The ‘extended tweet’ train has rolled into the SND Dashboard!

This isn’t your grandpa’s Tweet. Twitter has changed the game and Social News Desk is here to help you understand – and comply with – all the new rules. Last month, Twitter began rolling out an update to Twitter native and Twitter-owned apps, changing the way characters are counted to allow for “Extended Tweets”. And while the update … Continued

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Election 2016 master control: using SND Analytics to plug in to the buzz

What a weird and active political season it’s been. Social media is vibrating with buzz on all sides. Here’s a convenient and powerful way to get your arms around it. Behold, my “master control” tab for this year’s presidential chaos: This is all built in my SND Dashboard using the SND Analytics Library. First, I … Continued

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Three ways to use the SND Analytics Top 10 widget

The brand new SND Analytics Library includes the Top 10 Facebook Post widget which, as you might imagine, displays the top ten posts by post actions (Likes + Comments + Shares) for ANY public Facebook Pages you want to compare. While most Social News Desk clients quickly load the widget with competitors – this tool isn’t just … Continued

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NEW: Tracking Post Stats and Staff Performance with SND Analytics

This just in from the Social News Desk development team… New features and tweaks to the new SND Dashboard based on YOUR feedback and requests! Brand New Stuff… We’ve JUST released two brand new widgets into your SND Analytics library. And they’re our most exciting additions yet! 1. The Facebook Post Stats Widget This one is … Continued

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Four spiffy ways to use the SND Analytics Social Volume widget

The crown jewels of the new SND Dashboard are the new SND Analytics tools: powerful widgets that easily deliver actionable analytics. Among them is the Social Volume widget which shows you the post frequency of any public Facebook or Twitter account by the day, week or month. Here are four ways you can use this tool … Continued

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This Just In … (New Features Alert from SND!)

Here’s the latest from the Social News Desk development team. New features and tweaks to the new SND Dashboard based on YOUR feedback and requests! Brand New Stuff… Open up the SND Analytics Library to view the latest widget: “Facebook Engagement Over Time.” This dynamic display allows you to view the growth of any of … Continued

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