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Get To Know SND’s New Post Composer

New SND is here and you’ve probably already noticed there’s a new Post Composer that’s much more streamlined. While we’ve moved some things around to keep functions together, you’ll notice all the features you love from Classic SND are still around. Let’s take a look at what’s new! Favorites, Groups & Account Selection We’ve consolidated … Continued

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SND’s Newest Syndication and Branded Content Tools: Now LIVE!

This might just be your new favorite feature inside SND Dashboard… you can now use Post Manager to keep an eye on how other markets in your group are syndicating stories AND you can easily view all your Branded Content and Facebook Live data on a single screen. 3 Reasons You’ll Love New SND Filter … Continued

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Optimize Social Posts with the new SND Auto Pilot

We’ve come up with something different. A brand new SND Auto Pilot with the perfect blend of automation, data-intelligence and YOU. It’s an innovation we’re calling “hybrid-automation” because we believe the future of social publishing in newsrooms will be equal parts data-science and journalism. Each making the other more effective. And neither ideal on its … Continued

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New SND Upgrades the Post Composer

Out with the old, in with the new. NEW SND is about to refresh and amplify your SND experience! There are lots of small enhancements but the brand new post composer is the most noticeable change. Before we jump into the visual changes, it’s worth mentioning our developers have made some pretty impressive upgrades on … Continued

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3 Reasons You’ll LOVE New SND

Our team has been hard at work, taking your suggestions and feedback – it’s one of the most important jobs we have. And we’ve made so many improvements to Social News Desk that we’re calling it New SND. Here’s a few things you’ll notice – and we think you’ll love them, too! Better, Faster, Stronger … Continued

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HOW TO: Curate YouTube Content in SND Dashboard

We’ve showed you how to add Reddit RSS feeds to your SND Dashboard, but what about your favorite content from YouTube? Yep! You can add that, too. Here’s how: In the SND Dashboard, select the “Add RSS” option on the left toolbar. Paste this link into the RSS Field: (the bold text will be … Continued

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Reddit Now Live in Social News Desk

(Spoiler Alert: No, you can’t publish to Reddit through your SND Dashboard. That’s not a thing (for now).) Did you know you can add Reddit feeds to your SND Dashboard? This powerful integration allows you to view any Subreddit and even put content from Reddit into a display using SND On Air. Here’s how it … Continued

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Social News Desk Master Class

One of the comments we often hear from new users of the SND Dashboard is, “There’s just so many bells and whistles!” It’s true, there’s a lot to take in when you’re first introduced to SND Dashboard. It’s easy to start publishing right away and quickly forget some of the other helpful features that are … Continued

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SND Auto Pilot for Power Users

We’ve heard a lot of great feedback on our automated publishing solution: SND Auto Pilot. Newsrooms tell us it’s saving them tons of time by automatically sending content from their RSS feeds to their social accounts on any interval they choose. And, because it’s tied in with your SND Dashboard, it buffers the publishing cadence … Continued

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SND Reports: Better, Faster, Stronger (SEE WHAT’S NEW)

What defines social media success for your newsroom? It’s a big question that doesn’t always have a simple answer. Measuring goals across markets, talent, communities – it’s a complicated equation. And social data is changing all the time; which is why SND Reports is launching this major feature update to help you keep track of … Continued

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