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Instagram Verification Available for All

Instagram’s verification process has just gotten easier for public figures and brands. Beginning this week, Instagram allows users to request a blue verification badge for their account, right from the app. Your Instagram account settings will have an option called Request Verification. Before you get started, check that you’re ready to submit your request. What … Continued

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Instagram TV… Is it for you?

Instagram recently announced and launched a new app: Instagram TV, aka IGTV. This vertical video (yes… you read that right) platform is available for anyone who wants to create content for it. You don’t have to be verified, and you don’t even have to be a business page. This is a nice benefit for any … Continued

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The best reason to post to Instagram through SND Dashboard

I know I’m biased, sure, but the best way to publish to social media is by using SND Dashboard. That’s just a #fact. Why? There are so many reasons. If you’re a client already you know what I’m talking about. Let’s focus on one of those shining reasons right now, arguably the best reason to … Continued

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Instagram best practices, SND Dashboard, and you

It’s like an early Christmas for users of Social News Desk. Or a late Christmas, depending on how you read a calendar. Whatever. Point is, Instagram publishing is here and we’re stoked! Have you turned it on yet? Do you know how to publish through SND Dashboard? What are you waiting for?! Get up to speed … Continued

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Your InstaGuide to Setting Up Instagram in the SND Dashboard

The time has finally arrived! Instagram posting and scheduling is now available inside the SND Dashboard! Just refresh your browser and follow these steps to get started: STEP 1: Instagram Business Account SETUP This is the MOST important step to the whole process. The new Instagram posting API only supports “Instagram business accounts”, not regular, personal … Continued

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Instagram and SND: It’s Happening

By far, the number one request from Social News Desk clients has been: “When can we publish to Instagram?!” And after much patience on our part (aka lobbying, begging, pleading), Facebook and Instagram have opened up a Content Publishing API for Facebook Marketing Partners such as Social News Desk. This API will allow Instagram Business Profiles … Continued

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New Feature Alert! Search Instagram, repost to Facebook and Twitter

New in the SND Dashboard, you can now access Instagram Search! Type in a keyword or hashtag and the SND Dashboard will display a column with results from Instagram. Save that search as a column just like any other search result and monitor those keywords or hashtag as new content surfaces. Posting and Reposting This … Continued

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