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News Feed isn’t about “News”!

This may or may not come as a shock, but the fact remains… Facebook’s “News Feed” isn’t about “News” at all. Not “News” in the sense of “journalism” that is. You may have come to this conclusion after some of the changes Facebook made to their News Feed algorithm over the past several months. Would … Continued

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Facebook: Engagement on Link Posts Increases Click-Throughs

This year is already turning out to be one of the most tumultuous ever for News Feed. Algorithm changes impacting what users will see on Facebook have come fast and furiously. And as a content producer, changes around what defines “Engagement” – and how to get it – are among the most important to social-media … Continued

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Your InstaGuide to Setting Up Instagram in the SND Dashboard

The time has finally arrived! Instagram posting and scheduling is now available inside the SND Dashboard! Just refresh your browser and follow these steps to get started: STEP 1: Instagram Business Account SETUP This is the MOST important step to the whole process. The new Instagram posting API only supports “Instagram business accounts”, not regular, personal … Continued

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Important Changes to Facebook’s Organic Reach Metric

It’s been a long time coming, but Facebook is now officially changing the way it measures the organic reach of Page posts to be more consistent with the way they measure reach for ads. What does that mean, you ask? Facebook tells us it means organic reach is about to go down for all customers but post engagement … Continued

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Facebook’s “Relevancy Score” is a thing and you need to understand it

Oh, 2018: You devil you. First Facebook says this. Then THIS. And then, later, this. What a ride this year has been. And it’s only 1/12th over! The Zuck has had a lot to say recently about what News Feed was, is, and will be. Recently I listened in on a presentation that clearly sums … Continued

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Zuckerberg Promises: “More Local News on Facebook”

Mark Zuckerberg isn’t mincing words: “Our next update is to promote news from local sources.” That’s right… Zuck wants to put MORE local news in News Feed, not less. In his post, he calls this the latest in a “series of updates meant to show more high quality, trusted news.” And presumably less of the … Continued

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How to be “Seen First” in Facebook News Feed

Yes, there is a way to make sure your Fans see just about everything you post to Facebook. It’s not a trick or a hack. It’s a simple setting Facebook created for users who want to choose what they see in their own News Feeds…instead of letting Facebook’s algorithm decide that for them. If you … Continued

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Facebook Vows to Prioritize Local News

But wait! There’s more! In what he calls Facebook’s “second major update this year,” Mark Zuckerberg today announced that he has asked Facebook product teams to “make sure we prioritize news that is trustworthy, informative, and local.” Yep, you read that right … AND LOCAL. “…it’s important that News Feed promotes high quality news that … Continued

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How To Get More Comments on Your Facebook Posts (A GUIDE FOR NEWSROOMS)

“Meaningful Social Interaction” or MSI is the it-girl of social media for the moment. The term was coined by Facebook leadership to describe the type of user experience Mark Zuckerberg is now prioritizing as part of the latest News Feed overhaul. The social giant gave many examples of what defines an MSI – chief among them: conversation … Continued

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Facebook’s News Feed Change and Your Newsroom

Most news-media publishers count Facebook as their number-one traffic referral source. So it’s no wonder, the late-night announcement by Mark Zuckerberg has everyone feeling on edge. Change – of any sort – makes publishers nervous in this space. Why rock the boat, Zuck?! Well, consider this: In 2017, research company, EMarketer predicted the first ever … Continued

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