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News Feed best practices from Facebook VP of News Feed Adam Mosseri

Did you tune in to the Facebook Live event featuring Facebook VP of Product for News Feed Adam Mosseri and Facebook’s new Head of News Partnerships, Campbell Brown? No? Don’t worry – we did. Here’s the tl;dw:   Mosseri didn’t reveal any secret insights on the way the News Feed works but did confirm the prevailing mantra: … Continued

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News On Facebook: Your Front Row Seat

Facebook is taking a road trip around the country to meet with local journalists and media companies. We caught up with them in Atlanta at their invite-only event and SND Founder, Kim Wilson did her best impression of a news reporter while live-tweeting the sessions for those unable to attend in person! It’s all part … Continued

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New: Video Metrics inside SND Dashboard

I’ve noticed recently while working with my clients that video has really become a driving force for new growth in both reach and engagement. “Well duh,” you might say, and touché. BUT, not all video is created equal! Just because you have video, that doesn’t mean you have gold. So before you start throwing every video you … Continued

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NEW: Important Change to Facebook’s Branded Content Rules

Facebook is changing the rules, again. But before you start stressing, some good news: this change will actually make it EASIER for local media organizations to make money with branded social content! This brand new update to the Branded Content Policy has just been announced. It includes new language surrounding the graphical overlay/logo watermark rule. … Continued

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What News/Media Orgs Need to Know about Today’s Important Facebook News Feed Change

Facebook today released its News Feed values statement to help sum up the company’s vision for how and why they give certain posts more visibility in News Feed. The prominent theme is that Friends and Family come first. Which, of course means brands like yours come second. This is the direction Facebook has been moving for … Continued

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The biggest question: how much should I be posting to Facebook?

I get asked two questions all the time: is the beard real, and how often should I be posting to Facebook? First, I can tell you yes, it’s real, now please stop touching my face. Answering the second question is not so simple. Well, it’s simple in a way, but you have to do some … Continued

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What’s Next: Compliance with Facebook’s New Branded Content Policy

Since Facebook’s unveiling of its new Branded Content Policy last month, our inbox at Social News Desk has been stuffed with questions. Here are some of the most common along with answers that will help your station or publication figure out how to comply. 1. What are these warnings? Is Facebook punishing our Page in the … Continued

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Facebook’s New Branded Content Policy

What has long been a gray area in Facebook’s Terms and Conditions has become crystal clear, albeit complicated to comply with. The new Branded Content Policy is giving Pages the green light to promote 3rd party sponsors through posted content. But, as you would expect, there are rules which must be followed. As a local media … Continued

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Facebook Live for News: Quality over Quantity

A few months ago Facebook rolled out their Facebook Mentions app. A mobile application geared towards public figures who have verified Facebook pages. Within this app came a new feature called Facebook Live. Not long after the popularity of Facebook Live was apparent, Facebook slowly rolled out the feature to everyone from profiles to pages. … Continued

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Using Facebook’s New Polls Feature in Live TV Elections Coverage

It’s Primary Season! And Election Pizza isn’t the only thing to get excited about 🙄 … Facebook has rolled out an awesome new way to engage your audience in real time during Elections Coverage (or just about anything else). This white-list-only feature is available to select media properties and allows the Facebook Page to publish … Continued

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