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Facebook’s F8 Conference Takeaways for Newsrooms

Every year, Facebook holds its annual developer conference, F8, to announce the future of Facebook, Instagram and its other platforms. Typically, the focus is on the exciting, futuristic ways people will communicate. From video live streaming, to bots, to augmented reality, Facebook has historically used this event to tout how its platform will connect people … Continued

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Register your News Page with Facebook

Have you registered your News Page with Facebook yet? Facebook is asking any Page that “primarily publishes journalism intended to inform people about current events or information” to register. As in, literally… that’s what they said. So you should probably do it if you haven’t already. What is News Page Registration? It’s an index of … Continued

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Still Haven’t Completed FB Domain Verification? Read This. (Please)

One of many steps Facebook has taken to combat the spread of “fake news” on its platform is to require Domain Verification for access to a subset of publisher-friendly capabilities. Going through the process essentially proves to Facebook that you’re a legitimate publisher. And although this has been in the works since the summer of … Continued

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NEW: Post Multiple Images to Facebook

Hot off the request line, the Facebook API finally allows us to allow YOU to post up to twelve images at once in a Facebook post! I know, right? Upload, Post Now, and boom – you’re posting multiple images. All individual file size restrictions and file types still apply. And FYI, if you try to … Continued

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ALERT: Facebook “Security Issue”

Facebook has discovered what it calls a “security issue” impacting almost 50 million accounts. If yours is one of them, you might have noticed that your accounts are requiring reauthorization inside Social News Desk and anywhere else you’ve used your Facebook credentials. Of the breach, Facebook VP of Product Management, Guy Rosen¬†wrote: “Our investigation is … Continued

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How to register your Facebook Page as a news source

If you work in a newsroom, listen up – Facebook has a new way of identifying “news pages” and you’ll need to go through a review process to be sure your newsroom’s Facebook Page is included on the list. In this week’s announcement, Facebook calls it a foundational step toward determining what is “news” on … Continued

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SND and Facebook Developing New Tools for Breaking News

Facebook is testing a new Breaking News product to help publishers cover and surface breaking news more effectively. And Social News Desk is among the first Media Partners to integrate! You may have already seen the Breaking News tag appear on stories from national publishers, as well as publishers in a handful of local markets. … Continued

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Increase Facebook Engagement with 2 Simple Steps

Remember those old phone company commercials? They invited us to “reach out and touch someone” through long-distance calls, bringing us closer to our friends and loved ones. (If you want a blast from the past, check out this video!) The world has gotten a lot smaller now thanks to social media, but newsrooms are still … Continued

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NEW: Facebook Links Clicks in Post Manager

File this under: “Ask and you shall receive!” Lots of SND Dashboard users have been asking us to tweak the way Facebook Link Clicks are reported… so we did! Facebook Link Clicks are now a separate metric in the SND Dashboard Post Manager! This isn’t quite as straightforward as it might seem, so let me … Continued

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Tips for Successful Video Content

It’s no secret, video posts on Facebook drive the most engagement on average. Not only is this due to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm giving them a push, but the natural design of video content aids in those ever important “signals” Facebook talks about in their explanation of how News Feed works. A video view, a … Continued

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