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How to get started with SND’s Messenger Experience

We told you to standby for that Messenger Experience we’re working on and now it’s time to reveal the details! Social News Desk is NOW testing a solution that will allow you to customize and privately connect with your audience using Messenger. The SND Messenger solution is easy to set up, manage and deploy to any … Continued

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Messenger Contacts are the new Facebook Likes

Remember a few years ago when all we cared about was how many Facebook Likes our Pages had? We held contests, gave away cars (CARS!) and did just about anything to make that number as big as possible. Fast forward to today – that land-grab is over but a new one has just begun. Imagine … Continued

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Why Your Newsroom Needs a Facebook Messenger Strategy

That’s right, we all heard him… Mark Zuckerberg said “the future of social is private.” If you work in local news, you’re probably thinking… what could that mean for my web traffic? How will I distribute links and get clicks if News Feed – our modern-day digital town square – disappears or somehow becomes “private.” … Continued

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Social News Desk: Facebook Live Solutions Partner

Social News Desk has rolled out a powerful new integration with the WSI Max Weather System and in the process, become Facebook’s newest “Live Solutions Partner.” The goal of the WSI-SND integration is to help local-TV meteorologists surface important weather information which can be life-saving in some instances. This creative new workflow saves time and … Continued

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Protect Your Pages: Security Enhancements in Facebook and Social News Desk

It’s no secret that Facebook users have been clamoring to make their data and accounts more secure – and Facebook is responding. While Facebook isn’t yet requiring individual users to set up extra security features on their accounts, we’ve noticed more nudges to lock down accounts and Page Roles to keep you protected. Two-Factor Authentication … Continued

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3 Reasons News Brands Should Advertise on Facebook

With all the privacy issues and controversies surrounding Facebook of late, many broadcasters and publishers are hesitant to put more money in Mark Zuckerberg’s pocket. While I completely sympathize with the sentiment, especially after the painful political advertising debacle, it is hard to deny that Facebook ads produce results. Facebook advertising is still one of … Continued

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Facebook Update Prioritizes Original Video Content

Facebook’s made another change to News Feed that could have a major impact on news outlets – particularly when it comes to video. As part of their continuing effort to promote “original content” (meaning new video YOU created and didn’t borrow or re-purpose from another source), Facebook announced changes on May 6th that will promote … Continued

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Facebook’s F8 Conference Takeaways for Newsrooms

Every year, Facebook holds its annual developer conference, F8, to announce the future of Facebook, Instagram and its other platforms. Typically, the focus is on the exciting, futuristic ways people will communicate. From video live streaming, to bots, to augmented reality, Facebook has historically used this event to tout how its platform will connect people … Continued

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Register your News Page with Facebook

Have you registered your News Page with Facebook yet? Facebook is asking any Page that “primarily publishes journalism intended to inform people about current events or information” to register. As in, literally… that’s what they said. So you should probably do it if you haven’t already. What is News Page Registration? It’s an index of … Continued

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Still Haven’t Completed FB Domain Verification? Read This. (Please)

One of many steps Facebook has taken to combat the spread of “fake news” on its platform is to require Domain Verification for access to a subset of publisher-friendly capabilities. Going through the process essentially proves to Facebook that you’re a legitimate publisher. And although this has been in the works since the summer of … Continued

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