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Zuckerberg Promises: “More Local News on Facebook”

Mark Zuckerberg isn’t mincing words: “Our next update is to promote news from local sources.” That’s right… Zuck wants to put MORE local news in News Feed, not less. In his post, he calls this the latest in a “series of updates meant to show more high quality, trusted news.” And presumably less of the … Continued

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How to be “Seen First” in Facebook News Feed

Yes, there is a way to make sure your Fans see just about everything you post to Facebook. It’s not a trick or a hack. It’s a simple setting Facebook created for users who want to choose what they see in their own News Feeds…instead of letting Facebook’s algorithm decide that for them. If you … Continued

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Facebook Vows to Prioritize Local News

But wait! There’s more! In what he calls Facebook’s “second major update this year,” Mark Zuckerberg today announced that he has asked Facebook product teams to “make sure we prioritize news that is trustworthy, informative, and local.” Yep, you read that right … AND LOCAL. “…it’s important that News Feed promotes high quality news that … Continued

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How To Get More Comments on Your Facebook Posts (A GUIDE FOR NEWSROOMS)

“Meaningful Social Interaction” or MSI is the it-girl of social media for the moment. The term was coined by Facebook leadership to describe the type of user experience Mark Zuckerberg is now prioritizing as part of the latest News Feed overhaul. The social giant gave many examples of what defines an MSI – chief among them: conversation … Continued

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Facebook’s News Feed Change and Your Newsroom

Most news-media publishers count Facebook as their number-one traffic referral source. So it’s no wonder, the late-night announcement by Mark Zuckerberg has everyone feeling on edge. Change – of any sort – makes publishers nervous in this space. Why rock the boat, Zuck?! Well, consider this: In 2017, research company, EMarketer predicted the first ever … Continued

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Facebook Tests “Today In…” Feed for Local News

Facebook is testing a new product focused on amplifying local news coverage and local events. It’s called “Today In…” and will first appear for users in six cities: New Orleans, LA; Little Rock, AR; Billings, MT; Peoria, IL; Olympia, WA; and Binghamton, NY. According to Facebook, the “Today In…” page isn’t designed to replace publishers’ presence … Continued

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Facebook News Feed Update: “Engagement Bait” Will See Reduced Reach

We knew it would happen sooner or later – and it seems that Facebook decided to make the change “sooner.” Today, Facebook announced that it will begin reducing the distribution of posts in the News Feed that encourage people to take specific actions to boost engagement – it’s what they call “Engagement Bait.” The change … Continued

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Facebook: “For video, intent and repeat viewership matter”

This week Facebook announced a new tweak to News Feed that favors pages that post video regularly. We’ve known for some time that Live Video and Video posts have been favored in the feed, but for the first time Facebook is actively prioritizing content from pages that have proven to be regular providers of quality video. … Continued

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Getting the Scoop on Facebook’s News Feed

Go ahead and count to three. Do it…aloud. 1…2…3. That’s how long you have to get a user’s attention on Facebook before their thumb takes over and they start scrolling down or even more dismissive, shut down the app. Slow website, boring video, poorly written content all triggers for a scroll happy thumb. See that … Continued

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Facebook Reaction Polls: Do You Love Them?

Facebook “Reactions” give users a wide range of ways to interact with posts, and more news outlets than ever are using Reactions to encourage post engagement. Surely you’ve seen these. They’re called “Reaction Polls”… While Facebook was quick to say it does not support the use of Facebook Live to run a so-called “Live” Reaction Poll, using a still … Continued

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