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Breaking down the iOS 14 Changes – What Newsrooms need to know about the future of Facebook ads

Apple’s new iOS 14 operating system comes with new privacy settings which make it much more difficult for Facebook to pull data on users. If you’re worried about your data privacy – you may be celebrating this change. But if you’re trying to track the results of ads on Facebook… you probably won’t be too … Continued

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Facebook’s “20% Rule” is No More

For years, Facebook required that images on ads contain less than 20% text – commonly known as the “20% Rule.” But Facebook has quietly removed that requirement. While Facebook hasn’t published any official confirmation that the requirement is no longer in place, they did issue this confirmation to social media consultant Matt Navarra. The current … Continued

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Branded Content With A Purpose

Navigating Facebook’s Ads Manager is difficult and confusing. Setting up ads with Social News Desk’s Campaigns Manager is as easy as 1, 2, 3 (and 4)! Social News Desk’s Head of Innovation, Apryl Pilolli, joined a panel of fellow journalists to discuss “Branded Content with a Purpose” including methods and tools for successful, creative cause- … Continued

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Gain Competitive Insights about Branded Content with CrowdTangle

Branded content is currently one of the hottest topics since sliced bread. And ironically, branded content was first produced in the same decade as sliced bread. Given that the publisher-led branded content business makes up $7 billion in digital marketing globally according to Polar, it is no wonder its popular. That’s a lot of bread!  … Continued

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SND Launches First Branded Content Inventory Tool for Newsrooms

Introducing Social News Desk’s newest tool aimed at helping news organizations calculate the value of their audience on social media: SND RevStream! This ground-breaking platform will help you estimate the value of your social media posts, manage social inventory and execute a sponsored social media campaign. All from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. What is my social … Continued

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Important Changes to Facebook’s Organic Reach Metric

It’s been a long time coming, but Facebook is now officially changing the way it measures the organic reach of Page posts to be more consistent with the way they measure reach for ads. What does that mean, you ask? Facebook tells us it means organic reach is about to go down for all customers but post engagement … Continued

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Now, (almost) Anyone Can Post Branded Content on Facebook

Up until now, only blue-check verified Facebook pages could post content using the branded content handshake tool () which allows a Page to bring in a third party sponsor for its post. Facebook has JUST changed this rule, so now ANYONE can request Branded Content approval and access to the handshake tool. Apply right here! You don’t have to be a verified … Continued

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SND new features: new analytics, video insights, link shortening, and more!

At Social News Desk, our clients guide our development roadmap; your great ideas become our great new features. It’s something we’re really proud of. And just last week, we unveiled a bunch of things we’ve been working on for you. If you missed the SND Launch Party Webinar, don’t worry…here’s a recap: SND Score Okay, this feature … Continued

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Are You Selling Sponsored Social Posts? You Should Be.

In what has emerged as the hottest trend in driving digital revenue for 2017, newsrooms are inking deals with advertisers to sponsor their social posts. Facebook’s late-2016 update to its Branded Content policy has opened up a world of opportunity for Verified news orgs to make money by posting with – and therefore on behalf … Continued

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Save time, avoid mistakes with this one simple publishing trick

You’re juggling a thousands things – we get it. It’s how news people are…the ultimate multi-taskers. But how do you keep up with quality control when you’re flying through your to-do list? Especially on busy news days like… ahem…next Tuesday!? Don’t despair, here’s how you can use the SND Dashboard to ensure social media publishing … Continued

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