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New: Video Metrics inside SND Dashboard

I’ve noticed recently while working with my clients that video has really become a driving force for new growth in both reach and engagement. “Well duh,” you might say, and touché. BUT, not all video is created equal! Just because you have video, that doesn’t mean you have gold. So before you start throwing every video you … Continued

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Are You Selling Sponsored Social Posts? You Should Be.

In what has emerged as the hottest trend in driving digital revenue for 2017, newsrooms are inking deals with advertisers to sponsor their social posts. Facebook’s late-2016 update to its Branded Content policy has opened up a world of opportunity for Verified news orgs to make money by posting with – and therefore on behalf … Continued

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Live Tweeting #Inauguration2017

When the 45th president of the United States of America is sworn in, millions will be witness across every medium on the planet. Arguably the PEOTUS’s favorite medium, Twitter, is definitely among them. Here’s how you can use the SND Dashboard to live tweet the day’s events effectively and efficiently. Quick Post To make sure your … Continued

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Pro Tips for Social-Data Wizards

Ready to take your social-data game to the next level? We’re here for you with a few “Pro Tips” for using the SND Analytics library to mint your guru status. Go beyond your DMA with Curation Streams The Top Ten and Multi-Page streams are not just for keeping an eye on your local competition. You can also keep an eye … Continued

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Generate holiday content with SND On Air

The November book is a fond memory – or distant, depending on how the numbers came back – and it seems like a quarter of the newsroom staff is out for the long awaited holidays. December is here, the staff is sluggy, and the news is slow. What can you do to generate a little … Continued

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Should TV talent have their own social accounts?

What does your social media footprint look like? You have your main brand page, maybe a separate weather page… What else? If you’re like most TV newsrooms you’ve probably set up “talent pages.” But the question often arises…what’s the point? Is it really a good idea to encourage your on-air talent to have their own social presence … Continued

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#ElectionDay made easy: top three SND hacks

We’re so close. We’re almost there. #Election2016 is almost over and we can start coverage of #Election2020. (Kidding! …Sort of.) Are you prepared? Here are the top three ways that the SND Dashboard can help you cover the big day. Quick Posts for quick results updates Prepare Quick Post templates for all of the races … Continued

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How to pick the perfect #Election hashtag

I had a client ask an interesting question today. When it comes to election day hashtags, how broad or how regionally specific should we get? Everyone is using #Election, #Election2016 and #ElectionDay. But if you use them too, are your tweets lost in the noise? On the other hand, if you use regionally specific hashtags, … Continued

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Save time, avoid mistakes with this one simple publishing trick

You’re juggling a thousands things – we get it. It’s how news people are…the ultimate multi-taskers. But how do you keep up with quality control when you’re flying through your to-do list? Especially on busy news days like… ahem…next Tuesday!? Don’t despair, here’s how you can use the SND Dashboard to ensure social media publishing … Continued

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Two Simple Ways to Make Your Halloween Coverage Stand Out Today

Halloween is a social media dream come true! The costumes, the candy, the content! Creating a social segment around Halloween (or any other holiday) is super-simple with SND On Air. Want to showcase your audience’s best costumes, Halloween decorations or recipes? Find social posts in either your comments, Twitter mentions or by using a Twitter … Continued

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