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DYK: SND Reports Now Have Permanent URLs!

We’ve received amazing feedback from users about our latest Insights tool, SND Reports. One wish-list item repeated over and over again by group-level users was the desire to have a static URL that could be bookmarked, or perhaps displayed in an internal portal. You asked, we listened, and our developers delivered! New feature for SND … Continued

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Keep the Conversation Going with Scheduled Interactions

Facebook has told us we should all be focused on getting more Meaningful Social Interactions on Pages. You want more Reach, you need more “MSIs.” And Commenting “as the Page” is one of the key MSIs Facebook says the News Feed algorithm is looking for. But how will you find the time to engage in the … Continued

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New Twitter Post Workflow for Newsrooms

Twitter recently made changes to their rules about posting “identical or substantially similar content to multiple accounts simultaneously.” As a result, newsrooms can no longer post the same story link to multiple Twitter accounts at the same time with the same text. One way around that is to tweet once to a core account, then retweet from … Continued

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SND Launches First Branded Content Inventory Tool for Newsrooms

Introducing Social News Desk’s newest tool aimed at helping news organizations calculate the value of their audience on social media: SND RevStream! This ground-breaking platform will help you estimate the value of your social media posts, manage social inventory and execute a sponsored social media campaign. All from a single, easy-to-use dashboard. What is my social … Continued

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NEW: Email Reports from SND!

It’s here! SND Reports is a report that can be automatically generated by your SND Dashboard and sent to you and your staff via email on a regular basis. You can configure the report to include whichever Facebook and Twitter accounts you prefer, set how often it pulls data, and choose to include market scorecard information … Continued

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FAQs for Local News and Twitter’s New Rules (eek!)

Yes, it’s true: Twitter is making big changes to its rules and policies. Specifically the company says it’s trying to crack down on “spammy” use of automation to multiple accounts. And while you may not have ever considered your newsroom’s Twitter-strategy to be “spammy”… in a nutshell, Twitter is saying it is. And they want you … Continued

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Instagram best practices, SND Dashboard, and you

It’s like an early Christmas for users of Social News Desk. Or a late Christmas, depending on how you read a calendar. Whatever. Point is, Instagram publishing is here and we’re stoked! Have you turned it on yet? Do you know how to publish through SND Dashboard? What are you waiting for?! Get up to speed … Continued

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Your InstaGuide to Setting Up Instagram in the SND Dashboard

The time has finally arrived! Instagram posting and scheduling is now available inside the SND Dashboard! Just refresh your browser and follow these steps to get started: STEP 1: Instagram Business Account SETUP This is the MOST important step to the whole process. The new Instagram posting API only supports “Instagram business accounts”, not regular, personal … Continued

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Social News Desk is hiring a Head of Customer Success – Amazing team, work from home, opportunity to influence.

3/7/2018 Head of Customer Success: The ultimate opportunity for a digital-news junkie with customer service experience who loves social media and wants to help local newsrooms succeed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You’ll work-from-home but still be part of a dynamic company culture with great benefits!   THE COMPANY: Social News Desk was founded in … Continued

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Important Changes to Facebook’s Organic Reach Metric

It’s been a long time coming, but Facebook is now officially changing the way it measures the organic reach of Page posts to be more consistent with the way they measure reach for ads. What does that mean, you ask? Facebook tells us it means organic reach is about to go down for all customers but post engagement … Continued

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