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Success Snippet: Village Media’s Two-Step Audience Acquisition Approach

Village Media is pushing hard with its acquisition efforts and they’re leaning on SND’s Dynamic News Ads technology to make it happen.  SND’s approach is simple but strategic – we build data-driven ads that leverage existing, high-performing news content to capture new audience and acquire subscriptions.  Our approach is unique because we use a sophisticated set … Continued

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SND Planner: Time Slots

The concept of time slots on the new SND Planner fits perfectly with the local-news mindset. Your social media post planning can now look a lot like the oh, so-familiar news rundown. And you can move it around just like you would a show.  Think ‘whole day’ instead of ‘whole show.’ You can structure it … Continued

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Breaking down the iOS 14 Changes – What Newsrooms need to know about the future of Facebook ads

Apple’s new iOS 14 operating system comes with new privacy settings which make it much more difficult for Facebook to pull data on users. If you’re worried about your data privacy – you may be celebrating this change. But if you’re trying to track the results of ads on Facebook… you probably won’t be too … Continued

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SND’s powerful, new “Planner” technology – now testing.

‘Give us all the feedback.’  SND Founder Kim Wilson put the power of the brand new SND Planner into the hands of our Test Drive Team this month. She reminded the small group of SND¬†Clients/Enthusiasts that they’re an incredibly important part of our development process. “When we create something new, we rely on the SND … Continued

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Best Practices and Cool Ideas for Meteorologists on Social

The weather office is a busy place. There’s the website, the app, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – not to mention the live broadcast – all with insatiable appetites for live, accurate weather information… 24/7! It’s easy to understand how today’s Meteorologist could start to feel ‘under the weather’… But don’t worry, here are 5 SIMPLE IDEAS … Continued

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How to get 20% more impressions on your Facebook posts – with 0% more work

Facebook has released new data which underscores a pretty old idea … if you want more engagement, be more engaging. The company says it ran a test in August 2020 which showed that when a Page creator makes a meaningful comment on its own Facebook post, that post sees an average of 5% more likes … Continued

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Twitter’s New Verification Policy – What Newsrooms Need to Know

Twitter’s new policy for account verification goes into effect soon. And the platform is warning, if you haven’t updated your account by January 20, 2021, you could lose your verification status. Here’s what your newsroom needs to know: Twitter recently released what it’s calling a draft of the company’s new verification policy. Changes aren’t monumental … Continued

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How a digital news network cut email sign-up acquisition costs in HALF using SND’s new Ad Tech.

Social News Desk has pioneered a new way for media companies to use their existing, high-quality content to exponentially increase long-term connections with the local audience. From new subscribers to email acquisition or even TV tune-in… these ads are creating real, critical results for news networks. And SND’s approach is simple … we build automatic, … Continued

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Social Media Security and Sources – An Election Day Guide for Newsrooms

It’s not too late to make sure your newsroom’s social media plan is on point for Election Day. Here are a couple of critical things to consider and check off the list ASAP: Secure Your Accounts Take a few minutes to confirm that your staff members have the appropriate permissions and access to the correct … Continued

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Facebook’s “20% Rule” is No More

For years, Facebook required that images on ads contain less than 20% text – commonly known as the “20% Rule.” But Facebook has quietly removed that requirement. While Facebook hasn’t published any official confirmation that the requirement is no longer in place, they did issue this confirmation to social media consultant Matt Navarra. The current … Continued

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