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FEATURE ENHANCEMENT: Customize your Leaderboards

The SND Analytics Leaderboard widgets for both Facebook and Twitter are great for encouraging competition in your newsroom. They’re meant to be displayed on a large monitor for the whole newsroom to see, so everyone knows who’s posting the most every day. Dare I say it’s fun? I do, it’s fun. But if you’re like … Continued

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It’s easy to put your Facebook poll results on air! Here’s how…

As long as your Facebook page is listed as a news page and has been whitelisted, you should have access to the news feed poll feature. The option will look something like this (last thumbnail below): To start your poll – you guessed it – click on that there thumbnail. Then just follow the on-screen … Continued

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RSS feed reader update – new features!

The beta test for our new RSS reader tool has reached phase #2! You’ve had a lot of great feedback and awesome feature requests, thank you so much for your input. Here’s the new stuff… Save a feed as a favorite Now when you add an RSS feed column to your SND Dashboard, we’ll automatically … Continued

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New: Free Social Rankings App for Local News

Local news people are a fiercely-competitive bunch. I can say that because I was one – and in many respects still am one. Which is probably why I can’t put down our new app. And I doubt you’ll  be able to either. It’s called Social Rankings and it’s available now in the Apple App Store and … Continued

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New Feature: Post Directly from an RSS Feed

At Social News Desk we sometimes create new features that are so cool, we almost wish we were back working in a newsroom so we could use them. Well my nerds, this is one of those times. Introducing today, in beta, an RSS feed reader! Take any RSS feed from anywhere on the internet and … Continued

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Now, (almost) Anyone Can Post Branded Content on Facebook

Up until now, only blue-check verified Facebook pages could post content using the branded content handshake tool () which allows a Page to bring in a third party sponsor for its post. Facebook has JUST changed this rule, so now ANYONE can request Branded Content approval and access to the handshake tool. Apply right here! You don’t have to be a verified … Continued

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Facebook Live – Is it okay to do those graphic based reaction polls, or what?

Facebook Director of Product Daniel Danker manages many video related features on The Social Network, including the video tab, the Connected TV app, and Facebook Live. He did a short interview with Facebook’s new Head of News Partnerships, Campbell Brown, to talk about Facebook Live on Facebook Live. It was all very meta. Anyway, they discussed … Continued

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SND new features: new analytics, video insights, link shortening, and more!

At Social News Desk, our clients guide our development roadmap; your great ideas become our great new features. It’s something we’re really proud of. And just last week, we unveiled a bunch of things we’ve been working on for you. If you missed the SND Launch Party Webinar, don’t worry…here’s a recap: SND Score Okay, this feature … Continued

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News Feed best practices from Facebook VP of News Feed Adam Mosseri

Did you tune in to the Facebook Live event featuring Facebook VP of Product for News Feed Adam Mosseri and Facebook’s new Head of News Partnerships, Campbell Brown? No? Don’t worry – we did. Here’s the tl;dw:   Mosseri didn’t reveal any secret insights on the way the News Feed works but did confirm the prevailing mantra: … Continued

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News On Facebook: Your Front Row Seat

Facebook is taking a road trip around the country to meet with local journalists and media companies. We caught up with them in Atlanta at their invite-only event and SND Founder, Kim Wilson did her best impression of a news reporter while live-tweeting the sessions for those unable to attend in person! It’s all part … Continued

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