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If I were a client, this is how I’d set up my SND Dashboard

Don’t get me wrong, people. Being a part of #TeamSND is awesome. The people I work with, my clients; they’re all great. I thoroughly enjoy my career. But the problem is that the SND Dashboard is really cool! Yes, that counts as a problem. I’ve spent the bulk of my career in newsrooms, and the … Continued

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New Feature: Add SRT Captions to Facebook Uploads

According to Digiday, up to 85% of Facebook video is viewed without sound. As video becomes more widely distributed on Facebook and more users watch video without sound, uploading a caption file can help extend the viewing time for your videos. Facebook uses the SRT caption file format, and now SND Dashboard gives you the … Continued

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SND Auto-Pilot Now Gives You Even More Control

We’ve made some exciting enhancements to SND Auto-Pilot! You now have even more fine-tuned control over your automation schedule. You can exclude, prioritize and manage a running queue – plus we’ll always show you “What’s Next.” Your Priority Queue will allow you to build an ordered list of stories for the automation to post “next.” … Continued

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A Newsroom’s Guide to Trolls & Negative Feedback

As news-people, we all have a pretty thick skin. But it’s hard to turn the other way when the audience you work so hard to please starts posting comments like this: What does it mean? Do they hate you? Will they never turn to you for news again? Instead of trying to read the Troll’s … Continued

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14 GIFs to Get You Through Sweeps

Happy first day of sweeps! While we don’t work in a newsroom anymore, everyone at Team SND has been there and we’ve got your back. Here are 14 GIFs to kick off the next four weeks right. When the consultant says “weather is what gets people to tune in”: When your news director approves your pitch … Continued

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Getting the Scoop on Facebook’s News Feed

Go ahead and count to three. Do it…aloud. 1…2…3. That’s how long you have to get a user’s attention on Facebook before their thumb takes over and they start scrolling down or even more dismissive, shut down the app. Slow website, boring video, poorly written content all triggers for a scroll happy thumb. See that … Continued

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Facebook Reaction Polls: Do You Love Them?

Facebook “Reactions” give users a wide range of ways to interact with posts, and more news outlets than ever are using Reactions to encourage post engagement. Surely you’ve seen these. They’re called “Reaction Polls”… While Facebook was quick to say it does not support the use of Facebook Live to run a so-called “Live” Reaction Poll, using a still … Continued

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Add Five Minutes of Social to Your Daily Editorial Meetings

When it comes to success on social media, it begins with a digital-first mindset in the newsroom. One of the best ways to build this mindset in the staff is by devoting time in every editorial meeting to talking about social. What worked yesterday, what’s expected today, what the competition is doing, etc. After having survived my fair share of … Continued

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New Feature: Tab Sharing in SND Dashboard

Almost all of our best features come from user suggestions, and the newest addition to SND Dashboard is no exception. We’ve now added the ability to share a tab with other members of your newsroom, and it couldn’t be easier. Just create your custom view, click the gear icon next to the tab title, and … Continued

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