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Dynamic News Ads from SND (This is for You, News Directors and Creative Service Managers)

News Directors & Creative Service Managers – you have big goals; drive tune in, get app downloads and get email newsletter sign ups. Don’t overthink it, a new offering from Social News Desk called Dynamic News Ads uses your BEST content to make that happen with ease. We do all the work. This short wrap-up … Continued

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Why Boosting Posts is a Waste of Money — and How You Should Spend Instead

You’ve built a great organic post. Maybe it’s promoting your news content, maybe it’s promoting a sponsor that’s paying you to post about their business — either way, there’s that tempting little button that you think will take your post to the next level, outsmart the algorithm and bring you all the eyeballs you’re after … Continued

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Bug Update #FixItFriday

We’ve been hard at work here at #teamSND. Please see below for a list of recent changes, fixes and upgrades to New SND. You can report any bugs or issues you are experiencing to Improvements: Added functionality to allow for a link to automatically attach when pasted into the copy field. Improvements: Made changes … Continued

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Shortlinks vs. Full Links – What Should Newsrooms Do?

We hear from many of our clients wondering about best practices on social, particularly as Facebook and Twitter continuously change the way they display content. Back before Facebook and Twitter used link cards, it was common for publishers to post an image with a link in the body of the caption. Facebook developed and implemented … Continued

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Optimize Social Posts with the new SND Auto Pilot

We’ve come up with something different. A brand new SND Auto Pilot with the perfect blend of automation, data-intelligence and YOU. It’s an innovation we’re calling “hybrid-automation” because we believe the future of social publishing in newsrooms will be equal parts data-science and journalism. Each making the other more effective. And neither ideal on its … Continued

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SND Named ‘Best R&D Partner’ by the Local Media Association

Social News Desk has been named 2020’s Best R&D Partner by the Local Media Association – an organization made up of more than 3,000 newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, directories and pure plays. The LMA’s Digital Innovation Awards recognize the best in local digital media in 11 categories such as Best Local Website, Best Digital … Continued

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New SND Upgrades the Post Composer

Out with the old, in with the new. NEW SND is about to refresh and amplify your SND experience! There are lots of small enhancements but the brand new post composer is the most noticeable change. Before we jump into the visual changes, it’s worth mentioning our developers have made some pretty impressive upgrades on … Continued

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3 Reasons You’ll LOVE New SND

Our team has been hard at work, taking your suggestions and feedback – it’s one of the most important jobs we have. And we’ve made so many improvements to Social News Desk that we’re calling it New SND. Here’s a few things you’ll notice – and we think you’ll love them, too! Better, Faster, Stronger … Continued

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WIAT-TV Expands COVID-19 Coverage with SND On Air

With stay-at-home orders and social distancing measures in place, the pandemic is making it more difficult than ever for journalists to gather content in the field. Like all news orgs these days, WIAT-TV can tell you that from experience. But thanks to SND On Air, the station has been able to curate news from all … Continued

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