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Social Media Security and Sources – An Election Day Guide for Newsrooms

It’s not too late to make sure your newsroom’s social media plan is on point for Election Day. Here are a couple of critical things to consider and check off the list ASAP: Secure Your Accounts Take a few minutes to confirm that your staff members have the appropriate permissions and access to the correct … Continued

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Facebook’s “20% Rule” is No More

For years, Facebook required that images on ads contain less than 20% text – commonly known as the “20% Rule.” But Facebook has quietly removed that requirement. While Facebook hasn’t published any official confirmation that the requirement is no longer in place, they did issue this confirmation to social media consultant Matt Navarra. The current … Continued

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SND’s Fast Track Series: A Full Guide to Paid Social for Local News

You’ll find a ton of Paid Social knowledge wrapped up into 20-minute webinars and content-rich blogs right here. Our goal was to make you an expert with our 5-part crash course. Here are the videos and blogs in one place! Want more information on any of these topics and how our technology can help you? … Continued

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Fast Track: ‘Take Promotions Farther with SND Campaigns Manager’

While everyone on #TeamSND has a newsroom background, I was also part of the creative services and promotions world. I got into promotions because I loved writing newsroom teases so much that I wanted to make it my whole job. There’s something about persuading people to stick around and watch what your newsroom has worked … Continued

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Fast Track: ‘Agency Strategies that are Paying Off for Local News’ | via @socialnewsdesk

The sales playbook for local news orgs looks a lot different than it did 5 years ago. Most now include a wide array of agency-style services that lean heavily into the world of digital marketing. And while there are plenty of deals to be made, many local-media companies are struggling to connect the dots. What … Continued

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Fast Track: ‘Become A Branded Content Wiz’

It’s a great revenue-producing activity – selling Branded Content on social. The biggest stumbling block is when you feel like you’re supposed to be the expert and you’re not. And you’re worried that your content won’t perform the way you want it to. But there’s money to be made. In the past two years, The … Continued

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Fast Track: ‘Grow Subscriptions through Facebook Ads’

Goals that are always top of mind (especially among newspapers) – grow your email newsletter list and get more subscriptions. We can help. But we’re going to need you. And your best content.  Good thing you’re a content pro.  Now, let’s apply a little technology trick to to help your already over-performing content. We’ve told you … Continued

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Fast Track: ‘Increase Tune-In & App Installs with Facebook Ads’

We kind of stumbled on the hottest way to drive Tune In and App Downloads for TV stations. Accidental, yes? Crazy successful? Yes! The stations doing this are floored and we almost can’t believe it either. While we watched TV stations place ads, we noticed a lot of image campaigns and a lot of ‘guesses’ … Continued

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SND’s Fast Track Series: Paid Social in a Crazy World

“SND’s Fast Track series gets to the point. It’s speedy and effective. The ultimate rush if you’re ready to kick your Paid Social Strategy into overdrive.” What is it? Social News Desk’s 5-Part Crash Course designed to help you navigate Paid Social in a Crazy World begins Monday, September 14th! We’ll host a convenient, quick … Continued

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