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SocialNewsDesk makes it easy for everyone in your newsroom to get the most out of social media with tools built just for them. Manage all your social media efforts from one place, and get an edge over the competition with powerful curation tools and actionable analytics. SocialNewsDesk makes it simple to discover news and engage your audience with great content. Creative sponsorship opportunities help you attract advertisers to monetize your 
 social reach. And, best of all, every SocialNewsDesk client is matched with 
 a dedicated social media expert for ongoing support, training and strategy. 
 At SocialNewsDesk, we share your passion for news.

Kim Wilson, President & Founder

Kim Wilson, Founder

Kim Wilson spent more than 10 years working in television newsrooms prior to founding SocialNewsDesk. She began her career as an assistant to Dan Rather at CBS News after graduating from the University of Florida. She went on to become Executive Producer of News at WJXT-TV in Jacksonville, FL and has worked as a consultant for newsrooms across the state.

When social media started to become a big deal, Kim had a big idea. What if she could create the social media management tool she never had…but always needed? Something designed specifically for broadcasters? Well, that's exactly what she did. Using her own newsroom experience as a guide, Kim and her team developed SocialNewsDesk’s unique feature set which gives news organizations the power to enforce best practices, measure results, secure account access and monetize social media.  And Kim works closely with all of SocialNewsDesk’s clients to provide strategic social media consultation.

Kim publishes her own social media blog for newsrooms and is a contributor to several other popular social media blogs including LostRemote.com. She has also been published at Mashable.com, Journalistics.com and others. Kim has served as a member of the University of Florida’s Advisory Council to the College of Journalism since 2004 and regularly teaches in the University’s Telecommunications Department as an Adjunct Lecturer.

Connect with Kim on Twitter @kimsnd.

Elisa DeFoe, VP of Social ROI & Co-Founder

Elisa DeFoe, VP of Social ROI and Co-Founder

Elisa DeFoe is a newsroom veteran and award-winning journalist. Her experience managing newsrooms is vast and her understanding of newsroom workflow is key to the success of the SocialNewsDesk platform.

Elisa has utilized her talents in more than a dozen newsrooms over the past 15 years as an Executive Producer, newsroom manager, and has consulted a number of stations to help advance the way they tell stories on television. She’s also been involved in creating and designing a number of new shows including what remains one of the highest rated local morning shows in the country.

Now, Elisa implements her intricate knowledge of how newsrooms work to guide stations in their social media strategy. Her expertise in effective contesting, efficient strategy, and her ability to guide stations in how to stand out in the social media space continues to be one of the strengths of SocialNewsDesk. If you’re one of our clients, you can bet, we’re keeping up with your team on Facebook and Twitter every day!

Connect with Elisa on Twitter @elisasnd.

Jill Josephson, Director of Business Development

Jill Josephson, Director of Business Development

Jill leads Business Development partnerships for SocialNewsDesk. She spent 10 years at LIN Media in broadcast television sales & management before transferring her skills to a video editing SAAS startup called SpotMixer. She has been involved with wide ranging start-up projects; like building a marketable wine brand and an on-line tennis booking system. Jill lives in RI and graduated from the University of Miami where she studied Broadcast Management.

Connect with Jill on Twitter @jillsnd or jjosephson@socialnewsdesk.com.

Sarah Loyd, Director of Client Strategy

Sarah Loyd, Director of Customer Relationships

Sarah Loyd is the Director of Customer Relationships for SocialNewsDesk. She has more than a decade of experience in broadcast television and public relations, with a background in news, creative services, and social media. She was most recently the Social Media Director for KSAT-TV in San Antonio, Texas, a SocialNewsDesk client station. Under her leadership, the station was able to begin monetizing their social media channels through contesting and sponsorships, bring social media conversations on-air, and grow their social reach by hundreds of thousands. She’s a proud graduate of Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, Texas, and lives in San Antonio with her husband and son.

Connect with Sarah on Twitter @sarahloyd.

Donnie Hunniecutt, Director of Development

Donnie Hunniecutt, Director of Development

Donnie leads development for SocialNewsDesk. He’s a 6-year veteran of the .net platform focused primarily on asp.net webforms and MVC, C#, SQL, and javascript. His other programming proficiencies include Java, VB.net, C++ and perl. Donnie is also focused on implementing the latest and greatest technology available including the MEAN stack (mongoDB, expressJS, and nodeJS).

Donnie’s resumé includes impressive clients like Porsche, Ben & Jerry's, Western Federal, and YouCaring among hundreds of others. He successfully maintains SocialNewsDesk while continuing to keep up with the ever-changing nature of Facebook, Twitter, and G+ development. Donnie is key to understanding the ideas and suggestions of our partners and clients to help make the features they dream of become a reality.

Tony Shepherd, International Business Development

Tony Shepherd, International Business Development

Tony Shepherd is a specialist in television operations, production and general management. He was with the Nine Network for 34 years as Operations Manager and Station Manager before joining television facility provider NEP Australia in 2009 as General Manager - Victoria and was appointed Executive Director in 2010. He has recently been running his own consultancy company before joining SocialNewsDesk in 2012. Tony has extensive international experience through his work on many projects including the Australian Grand Prix.

Tony has experienced the significant changes in mainstream media with the growth in Social Media and understands the need for organizations to secure and manage their social media systems.

Connect with Tony on Twitter @tonysnd or tshepherd@socialnewsdesk.com.